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Utilizing the TRACS Discussion Forum

Some of you may use the TRACS Discussion Forum as a great resource and others may not. I view this forum at least once if not twice a day. I think it’s a great place to get answers to industry questions. For those who have not used it, you should know that it is not just for TRACS issues. I find it to be a wealth of information on many of the subjects that are tied to our industry. As you can see below (besides the occasional typos) there are many topics covered. Some are TRACS related, some are related to EIV, Reasonable Accommodations and some pertain to a properties subsidy type. The topics are myriad with questions and answers from everyone in the affordable housing industry.   I find that even the answers are done in a very professional manner and unlike your everyday forums there is no drama 😉 It’s very easy to sign up. Follow this link to register; TRACS Discussion Forum Registration.   Once you register they will send you a confirmation email so make sure you respond to it within the appropriate time frame.

We use the TRACS discussion Forum as a teaching tool as well in our classes so sign up today at AHTCS Online Class Schedule to find out more about the Forum and to learn about the subjects that will enhance your knowledge in the affordable housing environment.




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