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I Don’t Know It All, But I Do Know Everything!

People usually know more than they think they do, but those who think they know everything usually don’t.

Training folks in the affordable housing industry is fun and rewarding.  Watching the light go on when my students learn something new, or even confirming that something they had been doing correctly, is a delight.  The folks who are new to affordable housing typically hinge on every word and are anxious to learn.  Training the more advanced can be both rewarding and sometimes, frustrating.

Some individuals can be so fixed in their ways and close-minded to any information they are given, even if it is beneficial and can help them be even better.  It’s even worse when I am told face-to-face that they probably aren’t going to do it my way when I have explained several times that the correct way will allow them to be in compliance.  It’s great that they listened to the previous property manager and followed his or her instructions, but now it’s time to use the new and correct knowledge that has been given to them.

My aim is not to throw their lives into complete chaos, but to make their work lives better–more simple and with more meaningful methods of accomplishing their goals than previously and most importantly, bring them into compliance with the HUD reg’s.

Realizing that I am not getting through, I believe that it is time for the employer to get involved.  When people are resistant to training, often they must be replaced.  When they are bound and determined to do it “their way,” it’s time to part company and star anew with others who area teachable and receptive to making changes from their previous methods.  There are plenty of individuals out there who are hungry for a new job where they can learn and advance.  Those people are more likely to be personable, loyal, teachable and willing to listen with open ears to those with different experience. Dealing with Section 8 residents and the rules and HUD regulations are difficult enough.  There are so many moving parts that if someone comes along and tries to correct your methods or systems, you should at least think about them and perhaps embrace them.  I always preach that the Management Occupancy Review or your REAC inspection should be a learning opportunity.  But if I teach you the lesson it will hopefully prevent HUD from teaching you the lesson 😉

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