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What To Do With Medical Waste in Affordable Housing

What are we supposed to do with our tenant’s medical waste?  Whether you are an Elderly or Disabled property or multifamily site there is no doubt that the medical waste ends up someplace on the property other than the appropriate receptacle.  For a short time, I was thought to have Type II Diabetes…it turns out that after a prolonged use of Prednisone it affected my pancreas and gave me elevated levels of A1C.  After sticking myself for several months before it was determined that I didn’t have Diabetes I was faced with; “What am I supposed to do with the testing strips and needles?”.   Which led to the question, what are properties supposed to do with the same.

Tenants should be able to get rid of their medial waste and dispose of it in a safe and secure manner.  And, Yes, I know that some of you already have these things in place and you still find that some tenants ignore your attempts to create a safer environment.  But others are still teachable and if you set up the structure your tenants should be made to feel safer for getting it out of their hands and into the appropriate receptacle and into the hands of some dependable waste/bio-hazard disposal service.  These tenants rely on your help (maybe too much 😉), but this is for the safety of many on your property.

Create a plan that describes how you will contain, store, treat and dispose of any medical waste generated.  I’ve included a link to a sample form that should help.   Remember that during an MOR or a REAC inspection they will have required that you have followed your implemented plan and could be required to explain it.


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