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Submitting your Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan

The AFHMP is a required means of understanding the Market demographics and under-served populations and extending marketing efforts beyond the current or usual efforts.  Taking extra effort to directly market to under-served populations living in the housing market area helps ensure that knowledge of housing opportunities and information on how to apply is reaching the under-served households.  This Plan must of course be resubmitted every 5 years and should be done well in advance of your next Management Occupancy Review (MOR).

If you are working on your Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (AFHMP), be aware that the instructions on the HUD issued form is not up to date.  Part of the migration from American Fact Finder to the new Census.Gov website made it slightly more difficult to navigate for our purposes.  The report names have changed as well.  With some help from our TRACS Discussion Forum members, assistance from the folks at and plenty of spent time of research I have found the reports.

Let us help you with it!  Avoid a finding on your next MOR by purchasing our Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan which covers the mandatory requirements for marketing to those who are least likely to apply to HUD subsidized housing.

Examples of HUD programs which require an AFHMP include:

  • Section 221 (d)(2) Homeownership Assistance and 221(d)(3) Below-Market Interest Rate;
  • Sections235 and 236;
  • Sections 232, 234(c) and 213-Condominium and Cooperative Housing;
  • Section 232 -Nursing Homes and Intermediate Care Facilities;
  • Section 207 -Mobile Home Courts;
  • Sections 207, 220,221(d)(3) and (4) – Multifamily Rental Housing;
  • Rental Assistance Payment (RAP)and Rent Supplement;
  • Section 8 Project-Based Assistance;
    • Section 202 Projects with Section 8 Assistance;
    • Rural Housing Section 515 Projects with Section 8 Assistance;
    • Loan Management Set Aside (LMSA);
    • Property Disposition Set-Aside (PDSA);
  • Section 202 with 162 Assistance – Project Assistance Grants (Section 202 PACs);
  • Section 202 with Project Rental Assistance Contracts (Section 202 PRACs);
  • Section 202 without Assistance (Income Limits Only);
  • Section 203(b) and (1) -One-to-Four-Family Mortgage Insurance for Homeowners;
  • Section 811 with Project Rental Assistance Contracts (Section 811 PRACs).

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