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About Affordable Housing Training and Consulting Services Affordable Housing Training and Consulting Services Classes Affordable Housing Training and Consulting Services AHTCS_Industry_Links Contact_Affordable Housing Training and Consulting Services

Affordable Housing Training & Consulting Services, LLC (AHTCS):


Offers a variety of web-based interactive online Section 8 classes and TRACS consulting services specializing in the training of property managers in the HUD subsidized affordable housing industry. These interactive online classes include TRACS 203A trainings, EIV trainings, 4350 HUD Occupancy training, Special Claims training, REAC, Tenant File Management and preparing for your next MOR. Not sure what Section 8 housing is? Taking our affordable housing training webinars will help you understand it all.

Additionally, AHTCS, LLC provides complete HUD Section 8 file audit and ongoing file reviews among other professional services to the affordable housing management industry. In addition to our File Audit services, we perform On-Site Instructor led training, voucher recovery, data clean up and customized affordable housing training seminars.

Also available for purchase are: The EIV Policy & Procedure Manual, the Section 504 Policy Manual, as well as Tenant Selection Plans, the 4350 Handbook, the VAWA Policy, Unit Inspection Policy, Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan and finally the Maintenance and Work Order Policy and Procedures Manual!

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Enterprise Income Verification (EIV)

Special Claims

REAC Physical Inspections


HUD Special Claims

HUD Occupancy Training

Tenant File Management

MINC System

Income, Asset & Expenses

HUD 4350 Occupancy
Tenant File Management
HUD Income, Asset & Expense

Sec. 504 Coordinator

Tenant Interviewing


4350.3 Rev.1
Chg. 4 Update

HUD Section 504 Coordinator
HUD Management Occupancy Review
4350 Update

Fair Housing

(New O/A)
Soup to Nuts
Cultural Awareness Training future class
HUD Fair Housing
Soup to Nuts
Cultural Awareness/Sensitivity
Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan

All registered attendees receive a "Certificate of Completion" which satisfies the Management Occupancy Review (MOR) requirements for training and qualifies for Continuing Education Units (CEU).

accentEssential Policy Manuals for Purchase

If you are utilizing theEnterprise Income Verification system, it is required that you have a written EIV Use Policy and Procedures manual before using the EIV system.

We also offer our Section 504 Policy Manual! Any housing provider receiving federal funds who employees 15 or more people, must designate a Section 504 Coordinator. It also requires that you have a 504 policy manual as an important aspect of Fair Housing compliance. It includes a Reasonable Accommodation Poilcy as well as a Grievance Policy.

Purchase our Tenant Selection Policy for your particular subsidy type. This is a mandatory document for any property. Owners must develop and make public written tenant selection policies and procedures that include descriptions of the eligibility requirements and income limits for admission.

How about having the 4350.3 rev. 1 chg 4 in a printed format with colorized tabs to help separate all of the chapters, exhibits and the appendices?

The VAWA policy is required as well, spare yourself the time and energy of making sure you have everything to satisfy your next MOR. Follow this link to purchase the VAWA policy.

Our newest addition to our mauals is our Maintenance and Work Order Policy and Procedures Manual! The Maintenance Policy and Procedures Manual was designed and produced for limited maintenance policies in effect. The policies and procedures may be modified to adapt to each particular business need.

We just added a Unit Inspection policy that is affordable! Unit Inspection Policy! The Unit Inspection Policy was created to let the tenant know that you will give the proper notice of the impending inspection and what your expectations are when you come to inspect the unit. The policies and procedures may be modified to adapt to each particular business need.

We also can help you with your Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan! Submit us what you have and we will do the rest!

We have made all of these policies as one less thing for you to worry about during the up coming Management Occupancy Review where these documents are reviewed.

These policies are emailed to you in a "MSWord" format for easy editing as your policies could change in the future.

Be prepared for your next MOR!!

Click on the pages below to purchase our manuals!!


HUD Section 504 Coordinator

Tenant Selection Plan



4350 HUD Handbook

Tenant Selection Plan

Our Consulting services include HUD/TRACS 203A/EIV industry news updates, sample HUD Section 8 housing forms and notices, TRACS resources, email/phone assistance with quick responses. In addition, we offer a variety of affordable housing compliance resources which include HUD Guides, industry FAQ's, and a map of all of the AHMA organizations. Foremost is our quality online affordable housing TRACS 203A training which comes from an extensive background in the multifamily affordable housing industry covering many subjects such as; TRACS 203A, Enterprise Income Verification (EIV), Special Claims, REAC, HUD 4350.3 Change 4 Handbook and years of experience in the HUD affordable housing compliance field.

Here are three facts about AHTCS you should know!

Fact 1: The online class concept is not new; however, we feel that we teach our classes with passion. We also make it easy for anyone to understand the class content because we don't talk over people's heads. This is what we believe makes us stand out in this competitive field.

Fact 2: Many of the courses we offer will ultimately benefit the Owner of subsidized property, the Management company and especially the Property manager. Delivering training content in this fashion will save you from the unnecessary and most often exorbitant cost of travel. Best of all…you or your staff don't have to leave one of your largest assets unattended.

Fact 3: Replacing an employee is never fun and never cost-effective. Retaining an excellent and loyal staff member is the key to any property's success. This is why we believe that training is a great way to equip your staff so they can get the job done right the first time around.

We at Affordable Housing Training & Consulting Services have learned through more than 20 years of experience with Section 8 low income housing, TRACS 203A compliance and Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) policies that, if you give the property managers of subsidized housing the proper tools they need, the happier they will be at their job. We all know that unhappy property managers don't stay very long or may not give you their very best effort. Access to the secure system for TRACS 203A and EIV (now mandatory) is essential for any property working in the affordable housing industry. Let us train and retrain your current property managers. We have a class curriculum beginning with our online TRACS 203A and EIV webinar to fit the needs of all of your employees, from your Management team to the Section 8 property manager who just started. Create the incentive for your employees to stay, and let them know they are worth every dollar invested in them which in turn will give the best return on your investment (ROI).

If you don't see an online class offered in the class selection list, just ask.
We can create the class!
We also offer customized onsite training for your next annual Managers meeting. Hearing the information from someone else often allows it to stick with them just a little better!

Take advantage of our vast TRACS 203A & EIV knowledge. I have conducted TRACS regional seminars all over the country, working extensively in the affordable housing field for more than 20 years. Staying in tune with what is happening at the TRACS 203A industry meetings always keeps us ahead of the curve. Join us for an online TRACS 203A webinar so you, too, can be caught up!

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