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All applicants for participation in Federal Housing Agency (FHA) subsidized and unsubsidized multifamily housing programs with five or more units must complete this Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (AFHMP) form. The purpose of this AFHMP is to help applicants offer equal housing opportunities regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability. The AFHMP helps owners/agents (respondents) effectively market the availability of housing opportunities to individuals of both minority and non-minority groups that are least likely to apply for occupancy. Affirmative fair housing marketing and planning should be part of all new construction, substantial rehabilitation, and existing project marketing and advertising activities. This AFHMP is required to be resubmitted every five years and should be ready prior to your Management Occupancy Review (MOR)

Section 504 Timing Section 504 Work Order System
Section 504 Comprehensive Work Procedures Section 504 Skills Updates and Training
Section 504 Performance Standards and Goals Section 504 Long Range Planning
Section 504 Contracting for Services Section 504 Maintaining the Property
Section 504 Staff Roles & Responsibilities Section 504 Discprepancy Procedures
Section 504 Unit Turnover Section 504 Move-out Inspections
Section 504 Preventative Maintenance Section 504 Inventory and Materials Management

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