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Affordable Housing Training From Top to Bottom ($205.00/person):

This 2 day, 2 hour class was designed for both Owners and new Property Managers who are new to the affordable housing industry...there are so many moving parts we figure that you should have at least an overall view of what you are getting into!

AHTCS-Soup to Nuts class agenda - This class will give you an overall idea of what is involved in running the property with a broad stroke. I will show you what is necessary to get going.

This Soup to Nuts class is comprehensive guide to which you will learn a whole host of topics pertinent to the affordable housing industry. It represents the most common functions used to run the property. This class will give you the basic understanding and give you the sense of all of the moving parts involved.

During the class you will learn the essentials such as the importance of the HUD Handbook, the application process, moving the tenant in, recertifying the tenants and submitting your tenant and voucher date to HUD/TRACS.  Additionally, you will learn the importance of the software you must use to transmit the date to HUD, the maintenance of the property and the ways HUD will check to make sure you are in compliance.  by watching the instructor actually demonstrate the topics on screen using annotations to make sure you don't get lost, along with providing full, detailed explanation of the subjects. This class starts at absolute square one, and then gradually walks through the remaining topics explaining the most relevant aspects of affordable housing in a simple, easy, yet light-hearted, fun approach.
Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is looking to become fully competent in affordable housing
  • This class is applicable for any owner or property manager who is interested in this industry.

What is covered:

Part 1 – What You Need to Know About HUD Compliance, MOR’s and REAC Inspection.
Part 2 – What You Need to Know About Tenant File Management
Part 3 – What You Need to Know About Fair Housing
Part 4 – What You Need to Know About the Leasing Process – Application, etc.
Part 5 – What You Need to Know About Recertifications – MI, AR’s, etc.
Part 6 – What You Need to Know About Electronic Data Submission to HUD -- TRACS
Part 7 – What You Need to Know About Obtaining Payments from HUD
Part 8 – What You Need to Know About the Enterprise Income Verification System - EIV
Part 9 – What You Need to Know About Property Maintenance
Part 10 – What You Need to Know If Things Hit the Fan
Part 11 – What Are Your Resources – Annual Consulting