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How to Correct a Move-Out in TRACS 202D

What happens when we processed a Move-Out (50059-A) for a tenant for the wrong date? How can we fix this? Once a Move-Out (MAT40) transaction for a household has been processed, the ‘Move-Out Code’ can be corrected by submitting a subsequent Move-Out (MAT40) transaction for the same effective date


TRACS Industry Group Meeting – Agenda Posted

HUD Headquarters 451 7th Street, Washington, DC 20410 Brooke-Mondale Auditorium

Conference Dates: January 14, 2014 – January 15, 2014

Registration: 8:30 A. M. Eastern

Start Time: 9:00 A.M. Eastern End Time: 5:00 PM Eastern

Date: Wednesday, January 15, 2015 Start Time: 9:00 A.M. Eastern End Time:12 :00 PM Eastern

Light Refreshments Will Be Served

Registration: […]