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How To Respond To The MOR Findings

You have now received the results of your HUD Management Occupancy Review (MOR)…some might make you smile….and others…not so much! 

There was the panic of the build-up and preparation to the MOR…you have done the best you could do to gather all of the information you needed…and now the day has come.  The review goes on, the Asset Manager was in the office conducting the review and they just left! Wow, what a relief, that’s over!

Nothing left to do but anxiously wait for the results… and now the results are in!  How did you do?  The battle picks up from that point.  Nobody is perfect so keep that in mind before you pass out! 😉 Few get a “Superior” and if you got one, you are psyched! “Above Average” or “Average” isn’t so bad either!  “Below Average”… no Bueno!

In each HUD rated category there is work to be done and the 30-day timer has begun!  You have 30 days to cure the findings and 60 days to get someone in to do a 100% file review (if noted in the report).  I think the best way to do this is to take care of the easy findings first and then work on the harder ones.  Verbiage missing from some forms or policies is easy, processing 50059 corrections isn’t that hard either.  The harder ones I think are the ones where they request you come up with a procedure, so whatever the finding was, doesn’t re-occur.  The silver lining for me is that if you look at the “Required Corrective Action” is that most of the time they give you the answer.  The “Condition” tells you what is wrong, but the “Corrective Action” usually tells you how to fix it.  I know that the findings may seem overwhelming, but if you just fix one at a time you should be just fine.  Preparation was the key prior to the audit, organization in your responses will the key to close out the Findings quickly.  Those Findings can linger!

If the report reveals that you need a 100% file review, give us a call and we will come to the rescue!

Hire us to come in and inspect your files. We teach an online webinar on this subject as well so whatever you do, don’t wait to the last minute. You will be really surprised how much work is involved in getting prepared for this…shall we say educational experience 😉 ;

To find out more and register for our MOR Preparation Class so we can talk more! To obtain a quote for a File Audit of your properties tenant files follow the link:

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