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TRACS Discussion Forum Alternative

During the beginning of my webinars I always discuss the importance of the many affordable housing resources we have and as part of that discussion, is the TRACS Discussion Forum. I talk about how great it is as a resource for everyone in our industry. Well I have been very frustrated that the resource we have been able to use for so many years has been down for at least the past 6 months. This is a forum like no other! You can post questions not just related to TRACS, but on any subject under affordable housing.  For instance, you may have a question related to Reasonable Accommodations, what is included as an asset, when you should run the EIV reports. This forum has industry leaders, owners of HUD multifamily housing to the property managers who run them posting and responding to questions posed by folks in the affordable housing industry.

The TRACS Discussion forum benefit’s the most seasoned person in the industry to the new person just starting out who all may have some questions or need some guidance. I have created our own group on Facebook: If HUD cannot get it going, we now have an alternative. However, this will require me and/or another person to be the gate keeper to make sure that no spam makes it on to our page. I hope this works out. The rules will be simple…keep it civil and conduct yourselves in a professional manner.  So please follow the link and add yourself to the group!

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