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If Your MOR Was Tomorrow, Are You Prepared?

Proactive or reactive, some of you out there have chosen the latter. File audits are not inexpensive, but if your files have been neglected, it is going to take a whirlwind to get them back in shape! Management Occupancy Reviews (MOR) have begun and we have been busier than ever!

For some, the paper work has accumulated and now needs to be properly organized and filed in preparation for impending MOR. Tenant file organization is one of the most important tasks you can do to get ready for the next MOR.  You will need to gather much pertinent information besides getting your files in order.  Another thing you can do is to employ a company like ours to help you get ready…and hopefully not at the last minute. If you take care of organizing in a timely fashion, you will not be under the proverbial “gun;”  however, if you don’t do anything you could be facing a deadline (30 days) after you have received the MOR report back from HUD’s Multifamily. In our recent outings, some folks have faced a 100% file review directive from HUD advising them to get their files together and in good order–a direct result of not being prepared!  Some properties have been pro-active and have higher scores, but no property is perfect.  The Asset Managers performing these MOR’s are very thorough in what they do, and may not seem like they are there to help (which, in my opinion, they should). Be prepared! Call us to help you get ready for the MOR inspection. Take the time now to have us go through the tenant files.

Hire us to come in and inspect your files. We teach an online webinar on this subject as well so, whatever you do, don’t wait to the last minute. You will be really surprised when you realize how much work is involved in getting prepared for this–shall we say– educational experience.

To find out more and register for our MOR Preparation Class or to obtain a quote for a File Audit of your properties tenant files, call or email us today.

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