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How to Correct a Move-Out in TRACS 202D

What happens when we processed a Move-Out (50059-A) for a tenant for the wrong date? How can we fix this? Once a Move-Out (MAT40) transaction for a household has been processed, the ‘Move-Out Code’ can be corrected by submitting a subsequent Move-Out (MAT40) transaction for the same effective date and with a new value for the field and setting the Correction Type field to a value of R.

A Headquarters (HQ) move-out can be corrected in the same manner. Often a user wishes to change the ‘Move-Out Date’ for an HQ Move-Out to replace the TRACS determined Move-Out Date with another value.   Please note that, prior to 2.0.2.C, TRACS did not allow the new Move-Out Date to be greater than the HUD Headquarters (HQ) move-out date. Under TRACS version 2.0.2.D, the move-out is accepted and the new property is notified and expected to charge market rent from the original new property move-in date through the move-out date from the old property. The new property is expected to terminate the tenant effective on the move-in date using the DS termination code.

It is not clear what penalty would apply to a household moving in to a PAC or PRAC property. However HUD policy has been asked if this situation should be treated in a way similar to handbook guidance on failure to recertify in a PRAC per 4350.3, 7-8.D.3.b: “In a Section 202 PRAC or *Section 811 PRAC project the tenant will be evicted for failing to comply with the recertification requirements.* The tenant will pay the greater of operating rent or 30% of income until eviction procedures are completed.”


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