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MOR’s are imminent, are you ready?

Contract Administrators (CA’s) are about to ramp up on the Management Occupancy Reviews (MOR’s), are you ready?

The MOR’s will be starting up again real soon for all states and you know they’re going to be killer after not being completed for several years – This is why it’s necessary to get a head start on your files before your files get ahead of you.

File audits take time depending on how many units you have and what shape your files are in. Our file audits are thorough as we delve into the files to make sure all forms are sign and dated, check for EIV reports and take a look at your application process and a whole lot more. Don’t wait for HUD or your CA’s Asset Manager to go through your files without having us go through them first! Look at what we will do for you:

Here is the abridged list of the most frequently flagged EIV findings:

1. O/A does not have access to EIV

2. O/A is not using EIV for recertifications effective June 1, 2010

3. Missing/incomplete documents as listed on the Addendum C

4. Rules of Behavior for non-system users missing where applicable

5. EIV data being shared with other entities, e.g., state officials monitoring tax credit projects, rural Housing staff monitoring Section 515 projects, or Service Coordinators

6. EIV data not kept secure confidential

7. O/A has not updated Policies and Procedures to include EIV use

8. O/A has not updated Tenant Selection Plan to include use of Existing Tenant Search

9. EIV Income Reports are not in tenant files as third party verification

10. Tenant files do not have documentation to support EIV income discrepancy resolution

11. O/A is not using Existing Tenant Search

12. O/A is not reviewing New Hires Report

13. Unresolved Failed Verification (SSA Identity Test) and Pre-screening discrepancies

14. Deceased Tenants Report has not been reviewed and/or errors corrected confidential

15. Multiple Subsidy Report has not been reviewed and/or errors corrected

16. O/A is not following HUD’s record retention requirements

17. Missing/Incomplete form HUD-9887/9887-A

18. O/A is not providing tenants with the EIV & You brochure when selected from waiting list to move-in and at annual recertification

19. Individual’s having access to the EIV system or data had annual security training?

20. O/A is sharing access ID’s and passwords

These can be avoided with our File Audit services!

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