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Top 10 Posts for all days ending 06-18-2013

Once in a while I like to reflect upon what seems to be the more important issues facing the affordable housing industry based on the number of views we’ve had on the articles.  Please feel free to share your thoughts on any of these subjects or you can email me at if there are some topics which you would like to see covered in future posts.

Article Title


Unauthorized Occupancy in a Section 8 Unit 1,452
How to Deal with Extended Absence or Abandonment in Section 8 1,338
When is a Section 8 tenant considered “Moved out”? 1,059
Unit Inspections for Section 8 Housing 938
Performing the HUD Required Annual Recertification Interviews 753
Tenant Income or Asset–SS Direct Express Cards 626
Just Some of the New TRACS 202D Changes 624
MOR’s May Be Suspended, But Let’s Pretend They Weren’t! 611
Timing of HUD Section 8 Tenant Reported Income 524
Carbon Monoxide Detector Mandates 519

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