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Revised EIV Notice 2011-21 Issued – August 19, 2011

Housing Notice 2011-21, Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System, was issued today, August 19, 2011. This Notice supersedes Notices H 2008-03, H 2009-20, and H 2010-10.

Read on for the summary of changes:

  • Clarifies that IPA’s may use printed EIV documents when auditing an owner’s compliance (An IPA is an Independent Public Auditor hired to audit a property’s financial statements)
  • Clarifies the requirement on resolving discrepancies between TRACS and the current form HUD-50059
  • Indicates the following EIV reports must be run by selecting the “All” recertification month:
    • No Income Report
    • New Hires Report
    • Identity Verification Report
    • Deceased Tenant Report
    • States the O/A must make sure that the income appearing on the EIV Income Report does not meet a regulatory income exclusion.
    • Clarifies that a tenant’s monthly repayment agreement payment may exceed 40% of the family’s monthly adjusted income if the family agrees to the amount stated in the repayment agreement.
    • Recommends that an O/A has the head of household and, if applicable, the family member who had the unreported income sign a repayment agreement.
    • Indicates the comment field on the voucher must be completed when explaining payment and costs retained even if no costs were retained.
    • Identifies an updated penalty for not using the EIV system. The O/A will now incur a penalty of a five percent decrease in the voucher payment for the month following the date the violation was found and each subsequent voucher payment until the MOR finding is cured.
    • Indicates a new security training requirement. EIV users are now required to complete the online Federal ISS Awareness training program. The most recent HUD EIV webcast will no longer satisfy the security training requirement.
    • Clarifies that when mailing EIV data, data must be sent to an office of the O/A and must not be mailed to Independent Auditor offices
    • New Attachment 9: Assessing the Five Percent Penalty in Voucher Payment has been added
    • New Attachment 10: Sample Tenant Consent to Disclose EIV Income Information has been added

    The Notice is posted on our website at: Links/HUD Notices/HUD_Notice-H11-21.pdf.

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