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Just Some of the New TRACS 202D Changes

The most recent TRACS 202d Industry meeting held on March 13th & 14th was two days of great information. HDS Software was nice enough to sponsor the first unsanctioned HUD meeting where we covered the TRACS 202d Final Specifications.  Mary and Jed did a great job of going over the changes of the TRACS 202D specifications.  Some of the changes involved:

  1. Voucher Detail and Adjustments added to the MAT30
  2. History Baseline Requirements
  3. Anticipated Children Acknowledged
  4. Owner DUNS Number added to header records
  5. Section 8 Income Exception Codes
  6. Rent Overrides
  7. Secondary Subsidy Type field expanded
  8. Extenuating Circumstances Code (Formerly Tenant Unable to Sign Indicator)
  9. Eligibility Check Not Required field added
  10. Member Relation Code Changes
  11. New Household Member Special Status Codes
  12. Household Member SSN Exception Codes added
  13. SSN Benefits Claim Number activated
  14. Proration of Imputed Asset Income
  15. Double Subsidy
  16. MAT 15 Address Record Field Additions and Other Changes
  17. Move-Out Codes Expanded
  18. MAT 40 Move-Out Field Additions
  19. Termination of Assistance Codes Expanded
  20. MAT 65 Termination Field Additions
  21. MAT 70 Unit Transfer/Gross Rent Field Additions
  22. Signatures on full certifications (AR, IR, MI, IC) being corrected by a gross rent change

Jenny Dyer, of Yardi and Janel Ganim, of IPM Software went over the new revisions of the 50059 and the 52670 HUD Forms [Voucher/Special Claims].

HUD 52671A: The Special Claims for Unpaid Rent/Damages form is revised to collect actual and required Security Deposit amounts.

HUD 52670A Part 2: The Special claims Schedule is revised to remove Head of Household SSN and Birth Date from column 1.

HUD 52670A Part 3: The voucher adjustment form adds a column to display the net adjustment for a tenant/unit.

HUD 52670A Part 6: New form for the new MAT30 Section 7 record for submitted Repayment Agreement transactions

The HUD 50059 and the 50059A were revised to reflect field changes for 202D.  Some fields were renamed, removed and added.

After lunch, Michael Sharkey, of HUD Multifamily Housing, went over some of the new changes for the Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) which was expected to be released in April 2012 and the next release would be in October 2012.  One of the things I asked about was the status of including pensions, Child Support and AFDC as part of the EIV reporting.  His response was that it was in the pipeline and they were working on a computer matching agreement (CMA) with the appropriate departments.  Additionally he told us that the Existing Tenant Search report would be more printer friendly.

Lanier M. Hylton, from HUD Multifamily Housing gave us the new time table for TRACS 202(d) Development, Testing,& the Implementation Timeline

Finally, Jed Graef, from Boston Technology, discussed the Integrated Subsidy Error Reduction System (iSERS):

iSers will be a method to gauge accuracy of income and rent calculations and additionally to reduce rent over/under payments and maximize HUD’s resources.  This will ensure subsidy payments are calculated correctly and provide support for the information provided to OMB.

We were also just introduced to 3 new subsidy types:  PRAD, RAD and SPRAC.

Project Rental Assistance Demonstration (PRAD);

—  Like an 811 PRAC.

—  Block grant to the states.

—  State decides % of income paid up to 50%.

—  Expected to go live in about 6 months.

—  MAT Header Records

—  Subsidy Type = 6 (previously reserved).

—  Use Rent Override flag to indicate non-30% rent calculation.

Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) (PIH-2012-18 (HA);

—  Conversion of PIH Vouchers, PIH S8 Sub Rehab, Rent Supplement and RAP to MF Project Based S8.

—  If tenant’s current rent is lower than that calculated by the S8 formula, there is a 3-5 year phase in to full rent—similar concept to the old POA rollout.

—  New Subsidy Type in MAT header.

—  Use the rent override flag to indicate non-30% rent calculation.

Senior Preservation Rental Assistance Contracts (SPRAC);

—  Program for the Elderly.

—  To provide rental assistance for unassisted seniors who would be displaced by a rehab and refinancing.

—  New Subsidy Type in MAT header.

—  The cert calculation rules are unclear.

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