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HUD Subsidized Properties Affected by Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac is projected to affect all of the Gulf states.  Therefore, HUD is requesting that you do the following:

  • Assure that there is an evacuation plan for elderly and disabled residents who live in your properties, and be prepared to provide HUD with your plan if requested.  If residents are evacuated, please advise us via email of their locations.
  • Respond to HUD staff who will call for disaster assessments after the storm as soon as you are able.   Or, complete the attached Preliminary Disaster Assessment for each of your properties in the affected areas of the state.
  • Please advise your residents that if they are displaced in an emergency, they are responsible for advising you of their temporary housing location and their intentions during and after the storm.  They should also be advised that due to potentially dangerous conditions, they may not have ready access to their personal possessions.  Owners are responsible for securing the property to the best of their ability immediately after the storm to protect the personal property of the residents.
  •  Using the attached link  Vacancy Utilization/Displaced Resident Report, report any vacancies that could be used to house displaced residents to your Asset Management Project Manager.
  •  Please refer to Chapter 38 of  HUD Handbook, 4350.1 ,  entitled Multifamily Disaster Guidance for more detailed instructions.  A copy of this chapter is attached for your convenience.

If you have any questions, you should contact  your Asset Manager.

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