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HUD Notice H10-21 “Optional Smoke-Free Housing Policy Implementation.”

Since I have had recent inquiries abut this policy it spurred me to think how such a policy could affect the multifamily affordable housing owner. The HUD issued Notice H10-21 “Optional Smoke-Free Housing Policy Implementation” encourages owners and management agents to implement smoke-free housing policies in some or all of the properties they own or manage. There has been no statutory or regulatory provisions governing smoking in assisted housing previous to this notice. However, when it comes to reducing costs to a property, perhaps this could also be a great way to reduce the cost of insurance and liability. Call your your insurance agent to see if in-acting such a policy will reduce your cost of insurance. Safety should always be priority #1 over cost so here you have an opportunity to accomplish both.

Owners and agents who choose to implement a smoke-free housing policy must update their House Rules and Policies and Procedures, as applicable, to incorporate the smoke-free housing requirements. The Notice applies to:

A. Project-based Section 8
1. New Construction
2. State Agency Financed
3. Substantial Rehabilitation
4. Section 202/8
5. Rural Housing Services Section 515/8
6. Loan Management Set-Aside (LMSA)
7. Property Disposition Set-Aside (PDSA)

A. Rent Supplement
B. Section 202/162 Project Assistance Contract (PAC)
C. Section 202 Project Rental Assistance Contract (PRAC)
D. Section 811 PRAC
E. Section 236
F. Rental Assistance Payment (RAP)
G. Section 221(d)(3) Below Market Interest Rate (BMIR)

For a copy of the full notice, please click here:

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