HUD Notices / HUD Forms
Social Security Information Request Form HUD Automation Rule
HUD Notice H10-21 HUD Notice H10-21 Vacant Unit at time of MOR
The HUD issued Notice H10-21 “Optional Smoke-Free Housing Policy Implementation”  
Reasonable Accommodation Request Zero Income Form
TRACS Baseline Request TRACS Move-Out Request Form
The purpose of the TRACS Baseline Request form is to request an HQ initiated project certification re-baseline.  By submitting this form you are requesting that all active tenant certifications be terminated in TRACS for your project. The purpose of the TRACS Multifamily Move-Out Request Form is to request an HQ initiated move-out.  This form is to only be used if submitting a MAT40 is not possible.  This form does not replace MAT40’s
27061-h 4-2009 TRACS 202D Industry Specs
HUD form 27061-H (posted 3/31/2009) This form has been posted on HUDClips with an OMB expiration date of 4/30/2009. In accordance with guidance provide on HUD’s Form Requirements Matrix, the OMB expiration date has been removed. TRACS 202D Industry Specifications The requirements in this document modify TRACS to permit HUD’s business partners to comply with the regulations, and to enable TRACS to validate the submitted data within the limits of the legacy data model.
Student Questionnaire Signature Requirements For Part A of Addendum B
Student Questionnaire These three forms are samples that may help you develop your own student verification forms.  Whenever incorporating new forms, be sure they are reviewed by appropriate management team members and legal counsel as appropriate.  9-2008 Latest HUD Guidance regarding Signature Requirements For Part A of Addendum B provided during the MOR
Sample Student / Parent Income Cert. Form Excel Attachment SAVE Access Form
HUD Form 9834 2010 Income Limits
HUD Form 9834 2010 Income Limits Table
Download certification query in Excel Researching Missing Annual Certifications in TRACS
Downloading TRACS Query into Excel Researching Missing Annual Certifications in TRACS
HUD Form 91066 Student Cert. of Dependent Status
  Sample Student Verification forms for Section 8 Property Managers
Single Residency - Move In 24672-Student Eligibility.pdf
Single Residency Criteria Acknowledgement – Move In New HUD Guidance on Students in Rental Housing
Violence Against Women Act Guidance on Student Eligibility Rule
Latest Guidance from HUD regarding implementation of the Violence Against Women Act  New HUD guidance for implementing the Student Rule for Section 8 housing
VAWA Notice Medications
Sample Notice to Residents Sample Verification of the need for over the counter medical products
Family Summary Sheet  

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