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These EIV Resources offer many sample EIV documents, EIV links and EIV forms, which will provide valuable information to you on the
prominent subjects widely used in the HUD EIV reporting. You can either view each one and you can also save a copy for your own reference.

According to HUD Notice H2013-06 it is required that you have written EIV Use Policy's and Procedures manual before using the system. Don't let this be a finding on your next MOR!!
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When and How to Use the EIV Reports
HUD's Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) webcast class materials, including the agenda, PowerPoint presentations and case studies, have been posted to EIV Training and Outreach for Multifamily Housing Programs.
HUD's EIV Webcast of Mandatory Use of EIV Final Rule, April 14, 2010

HUD EIV Webcast

Purchase a HARDCOPY Version of the 4350.3
Rev. 1 Change 4

HUD EIV Webcast
Q&A Follow Up to EIV Webcast (Dec 12/29/09)
This webcast was aired on (2/25/2010)
EIV Notices / EIV Forms
EIV Home Page HUD's EIV Training Webcast
EIV Home Page for Multi-Family Housing Users. HUD provided web enabled training providing information about access, use and monitoring of the EIV System. You can view the training from the HUD webcast site at the link to the right.
Tenant Consent to Disclose EIV Income Information Rules of Behavior for Use of Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) Information (for Individuals without Access to the EIV System)
EIV Consent Form must be used in order for a tenant to give permission for another party to view their EIV reports. Persons who are in possession of information from EIV provided to them by authorized EIV system users, in order to perform their job are required to agree to HUD’s Rules of Behavior to ensure that an adequate level of protection is afforded to the information contained in the EIV system.
Sample EIV Repayment Agreement 9887 / 9887A
Sample EIV Security Policy Sample EIV Privacy Policy
This sample can be used to help you develop your own EIV Security Policy. Please note that the document should not be used as presented since optional language is included. It must be edited to conform to your own policies and procedures. This is a form that owner/agents might use to document the staff's understanding of security protocol surrounding resident files.
Sample EIV File Checklist Sample Documentation of EIV Verification
Owner/agents should maintain an EIV file documenting policies and procedures and employee access to EIV data. This is a sample file checklist that can be used to ensure that the file contains information necessary to demonstrate compliance with HUD guidance during the MOR. This is a sample "review of documents" form. This sample allows you to document information verified using EIV when the EIV information must be destroyed. Currently, EIV information may not be used to verify information for the Tax Credit or Rural Development programs.
EIV Quick Start Enterprise Income Verification FAQ
These are EIV Setup Instructions as a step By step approach  
EIV Verification Notification Instructions for Applying for EIV Access
This is a sample letter or notice to your tenant that you are utilizing the EIV system to verifiy income. Instructions for Applying for EIV Access for Multi-Family Housing Programs
EIV Coordinator Access Authorization Form (CAAF) EIV User Access Authorization Form (UAAF)
EIV Coordinator Access Authorization Form EIV User Access Authorization Form
EIV System User Manual for MFH EIV Security Awareness Training Questionnaire
EIV System User Manual for Multi-Family Housing EIV Security Awareness Training Questionnaire
EIV & You Brochure EIV Security Monitoring Checklist
The purpose of this brochure is to provide guidance to owners and management agents (O/As) on the distribution and use of the EIV & You brochure. EIV Security Monitoring Checklist
HUD 9887 Form HUD-9887/9887-A EIV Final Rule EIV Final Rule - Federal Register E9-30720
Form HUD-9887/9887-A EIV Final Rule - Federal Register
HUD 9887 HUD Housing Notice H 10-10 Resolving Income Discrepancies Resolving Income Discrepancies
HUD Housing Notice H 10-10 Resolving Income Discrepancies
Quality Control Monitoring Guide EIV Webcast
Rent and Income Determination Quality Control Monitoring Guide for MF Housing Programs  
Interview Guide User Admin. Manual
A Guide to Interviewing for Owners of HUD Subsidized Multifamily Housing Projects EIV System User Administrator Manual for Multi-Family Housing
EIV Multifamily Help Desk
Mf_Eiv@hud.gov Telephone: 202-708-7588

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