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Two New Additional EIV Income Reports

To alleviate any confusion out there in regards to the two new additional EIV reports:  The “No Income Reported on 50059” and the “No Income Reported by HHS or SSA” are REQUIRED to be used in conjunction with and be described in your EIV Use Policy and Procedure Manual.  These reports Identify tenants who passed the SSA identity test but no income was reported by HHS or SSA.  This does not necessarily mean that the tenant does not have any income. The O/A must ask the right questions and must obtain written third party verification of any income reported by the tenant. Recommend “zero” income tenants are  required to disclose their income and O/A are required to re-verify income at least quarterly. These are for tenants who report no income at all.  Don’t forget; any “regular” contributions made from any source is considered to be “Income”.

These EIV reports are not “Optional”! The previous HUD Notice H2013-06 and now the newly release HUD Handbook 4350.3, Rev. 1, Change 4 clearly states that the O/A MUST use these reports. How they are used is left largely to the O/A and your policies and procedures which must indicate how and when they will be used. Our policies state that we will review the reports monthly in order to…”make sure that the right questions are asked during the interview at the time of annual recertification so that the resident is given the opportunity to disclose any income they receive.”

These reports serve as third party verification from income sources of other income reported by tenant, if applicable. Correspondence/documents received for re-verification of zero income tenants must be placed in the tenant file and remain there for the term of tenancy plus three years.

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