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Implementing an Integrated Pest Management Strategy for Affordable Housing Properties

My kids can be pests but that is story for a different day. Pests on a property are certainly no joking matter.

Maintaining your property is no easy feat and when you add the unpredictable and uninvited guests…well it can be an arduous task to get rid of them. Having the right strategy for pest […]

Save Money, Save the Environment going “Green” at your Affordable Housing Property

I think it should be clear now to everyone that conservation or “Going Green” as they say, isn’t just for those “Hippie” types and not just a trend. Conservation is our overdue way of showing respect for our environment. Respecting our environment and capitalizing on this new way of life can also be achieved at […]

Disaster Recovery for your affordable housing property…are you prepared?

What to do, Where to go and What about the office? We never expect tragedy to hit home, but what if…. Listen, if we could predict the future, we would all be very wealthy. But we can’t! What you can do is be as prepared as you can be. Let me ask you, when is […]