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Sec 8 Property

Sec 8 Property

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Purchase the NEWLY published 4350.3 Rev. 1 Chg. 4 with tabs for $150

The NEW 4350.3, Rev 1, Change 4 was just released today.  Many sites will now have outdated HUD Occupancy Handbooks.  Order a new one today for your site and all of your sites so they are up to date.This is a “must have” handbook for any property which services HUD affordable housing properties!! Our HUD Handbook 4350 is complete with the HUD Reg’s, the Appendices and the completed Exhibits with TABS so you can find the particular Chapter, Exhibit or Appendix quickly and easily. The Handbook 4350.3 REV‐1, Change 4, Occupancy Requirements of Subsidized Multifamily Housing Programs, was issued on August 2013. Follow this link: Purchase the printed 4350.3 Rev. 1 Chg. 4

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