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Making Your Section 8 Property Alcohol Free

As an affordable housing property owner, we’ve elected to have a smoke-free building…although we had some residents make a small fuss; most have followed the new rules. Now a small number of folks in our community want to have a party in their community room and a few have asked if they can bring in some alcohol to make drinks.

In the past, this group has had “drinks” on the lanais area while having dinner outside and there has been a beer or two drank while sitting under the tree (on property), as well, a nice Merlot was imbibed on the patio.

This group has been told that they may not bring alcohol into the party if they are in a “common area”. They would like to be able to logically convince the manager that they will not get rowdy or out of hand, and somehow suggest “fairness” is not being considered.

Do they have any recourse other than to have their “drink” in their unit and then come down to the party?

I think nothing is considered “fair” if there is nothing stated in the House Rules. It is up to the owner/agent to create a policy after they decide if they want to allow alcohol in the common area. If the O/A doesn’t want to take on the risk, then he/she can say “no”.

If the residents ignore the decision made by the O/A, then the O/A can “shut the party down” if they find out that they are consuming alcohol in the common area. If they want to drink on their patio or the balcony of their unit, that is fine. Common areas should be completely laid out so there is no question. You can use your smoke-free policy as a template.

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