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Learn more about the revised EIV Notice H2013-06

HUD Housing Notice 2013-06, Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System, was issued today, March 12, 2013. This Notice supersedes Notices H 2011-21, H 2008-03, H 2009-20, and H 2010-10. The Notice is posted here at Links/HUD Notices/HUD_Notice-H2013-06.pdf.

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The revised Notice:

  • Adds Section 811 Project Rental Assistance Demonstration units under a Rental Assistance Contract to the Applicability section (Section II).
  • Includes a description of the active link found in the Identity Verification Report Statistics.  The resulting report identifies the number of households represented as not-verified (verification in process) (Section VII).
  • Modifies the name of the No Income Report to No Income Reported by HHS or SSA (Section VII).
  • Includes a description of the new report No Income Reported on 50059 and discusses how the report should be used (Section VII).
  • Identifies the New Hires Report as a Verification Report along with its previous location in the Income Reports section of the system (Section VII).
  • Allows a violation for an owner/agent not having access and/or not using the EIV system in its entirety to be identified and the penalty to be assessed outside the scope of the MOR (Section XI).

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