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Applying the Section 8 Student Rule

Question:  If a household with a mother and four minor kids resides in a Section 8 unit and the kids want to go to college after graduating from high school, the handbook says that both parents must qualify for Section 8 “individually or jointly”.

So if the non-custodial parent who has been paying child support is not individually income eligible, the children do not qualify. However, if the non-custodial parent’s income was based on a household of six, the entire household would qualify. Is that what they mean by individually or jointly?

And the simple answer is; If the student is living with parent(s) they are not subject to the student rule. They would be eligible as long as they are living with the parent(s). They would be listed as a dependent as long as they are full time students.

See 3-13 Determining Eligibility of Students for Assistance in the 4350.3, R1. Change 4, HUD Handbook for more information!

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