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The decision to award the PBCA contracts has been delayed once again until or before February 22, 2013. Litigation has been filed in the Court of Federal Claims seeking to prevent HUD from proceeding with the PBCA NOFA. HUD has agreed not to proceed with making the awards until the Court rules on the matter. […]

The Form HUD-9834 (MOR) has finally been re-released

A revised form HUD-9834 Management Reviews of Multifamily Projects is now available from our webpage. Links/MOR Forms/HUD-9834.doc. The form now has an expiration date of 02/28/2015 and is to be implemented for Management Reviews for Multifamily Housing Projects performed on or after December 4, 2012. All Management Reviews started prior to December 4, 2012, […]

The 2013 HUD income limits are now available!

HUD announced today that the FY2013 HUD Income Limits are now available and effective 12/11/2012

Unauthorized Occupancy in a Section 8 Unit

Two’s company, three is a crowd…unless the third person is pitching in for the rent and other utilities. But what do you do when you have a person in a Section 8 unit who is not on the lease? Unauthorized occupancy is the most difficult thing in the world to prove in affordable housing. You […]