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AHTCS, LLC provides HUD Section 8 file audit and file reviews
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AHTCS, LLC will perform a complete HUD Section 8 file audit of your resident files to determine errors, weaknesses, lapses in performance, missing or inadequate documentation, etc. Upon completion of the file audit, we will complete all required corrective actions that must be completed to correct the Errors/Findings. The file audit is based on the HUD Form 9834, Addendum A, and includes the following during review:

bullet Application Review bullet EIV Reports
bullet Household Member Verification bullet EIV Master File
bullet Unit Size Verification bullet Tenant Forms
bullet Income Eligibility bullet Rent Increase Notices
bullet Ethnic and Racial Forms bullet Move Out Inspections
bullet Social Security Numbers bullet EIV Master File
bullet Immigration Status bullet Rent Calculation
bullet Income Eligibility bullet Signatures
bullet Ethnic and Racial Forms bullet Income, Asset, Expenses Verified
bullet Applicant Screening Criteria bullet Applicant Rejections
bullet HUD 9887-9887A bullet Lease
bullet Security Deposit bullet Pet Deposit (If Applicable)
bullet Move-In Inspections bullet Annual Inspections
bullet Recertification Notices  

The above items are screened carefully for any missing or incomplete data. After the audit review, the files are organized as recommended by HUD. Any missing data will be printed and inserted for signature as applicable. Any information needing to be reported to HUD via IMAX will be supervised and completed by the site manager.

When completed, the files and tenant data will be reconciled to the fullest extent. During our file audit review, many questions will arise from the data found within a file. AHTCS, LLC offers 100% consultancy and training with the property manager during the audit, guaranteeing that everyone will be on the same page once completed.

A full unit-by-unit report is included in the cost of each file review and each file audit/review will be concluded by:

  1. Unit by Unit detailed report.
  2. General recommendations to improve performance.
  3. An exit interview with staff to review findings.



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