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TRACS Class Description ($255.00/person):    

This seminar is designed to provide in-depth, practical knowledge for site personnel and corporate staff submitting to TRACS/CA/HFA as well as technical tips for avoiding and correcting potential program errors. It is designed for users who have a working knowledge of the 4350.3 HUD Handbook. Seminar topics include TRACS review with best practices for monthly processing, common TRACS errors and solutions, resubmission and corrections to certifications and address records.  In addition they will also know the value of the Secure System as it relates to the 90% compliance threshold and new information on the EIV system, the new Student Rule, a complete understanding on the MAT file.

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Tenant Income, Assets & Expenses Class Description ($205.00/person): 

This class will detail the importance of accuracy in determining the valuation of income, assets and expenses and how it impacts the 50059. 

Definition of Annual Income Calculating Imputed Income from Assets
Determining Family Income Calculating Income on Specific Types of Assets
Projecting and Calculating Annual Income Calculating Cash Value and Income on Annuities
Key Concepts when Defining Assets Dependent Deduction
Assets that Must be Reported Child Care Deduction
Assets that DO NOT have to be Reported Deduction for Disability
Determining Ownership of Assets Assistance Expenses
Calculating the Cash Value of Assets Medical Expense Deduction
Calculating Income from Assets Elderly Family Deduction

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Enterprise Income Verification Class Description ($255.00/person):

This class will cover all aspects of EIV as well as the Refinement of Income and Rent Requirements in Public and Assisted Housing Programs Final Rule, which includes the EIV final rule. Topics covered in this training are:

The Refinement of Income and Rent Requirements in Public and Assisted Housing Programs Final Rule

  • Disclosure and verification of Social Security Numbers
  • Annual Income Calculations
  • Evidence of Citizenship and Eligible Immigration Status
  • Mandated use of HUD’s EIV System

Explaining Computer Matching Agreements with HHS and SSA Explaining EIV Security Awareness

  • Applying for Access to HUD's EIV System
  • Filling Out the Access Authorization Forms (CAAF & UAAF)
  • Filling Out the HUD Required Security Awareness Training Questionnaire

How to find reports in the EIV online system

  • Explaining Income Discrepancy Reports
  • Identifying Cases of Unreported or Underreported Tenant Benefits
  • Other Reports

Explaining How EIV Relates to the MOR

  • Can a CA Monitor the Use of EIV as Part of the MOR?
  • Can a CA Require Training on EIV?
  • When Can Your CA Write Findings Relating to Use or Lack of Use of EIV?
  • Does Your TSP Have to Include How You Have Incorporated the Use of EIV?
  • Have You Entered into Repayment Agreements with Tenants who Underreported?
  • Are You Following Record Retention Requirements?
  • Do You Have Security Measures in Place?
  • Do I need a written EIV Policy?

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504 Coordinator Class Description ($175.00/person):

I have learned through experience that, if you are proactive in making your property and the programs you offer accessible, folks who are elderly or disabled, applying for housing or current residents can hope that they too can enjoy a barrier-free home/community and access to the activities and services that you provide.

Our on-line training will provide the most up-to-date information regarding the designation and the responsibilities of a Section 504 Coordinator.   Whether you are new or experienced in the position of Section 504 Coordinator, this class will put you on the right track or refresh your memory as to why it is so important to treat people equitably.

Key Section 504 Class Topics

bullet Section 504 Background
bullet Program Accessibility
bullet Physical Accessibility
bullet Coordinator Responsibilities
bullet Reasonable Accommodations
bullet Discrimination
bullet Grievance Policy Procedures

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. "   Spend your money wisely by attending our on-line class which covers the most important aspects of these Section 504 requirements and learn why it is so important to understand a tenant's "Reasonable Accommodation" request.

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Secure System Class Description ($175.00/person):

The purpose of this class is to provide a understanding of HUD’s Web Access Security Subsystem’s (WASS).  These systems such as EIV, TRACS, PASS and APPS will enable you and your staff to track your voucher payments, understand the 90% threshold, reconcile your HAP to the certifications in the TRACS database, provide tools to increase your MOR scores, and monitor the performance of your property portfolio.

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Special Claims Class Description ($175.00/person):

This class covers the Overview of Special Claims, General Owner Submission Requirements, Eligibility Requirements, i.e.:

bullet General Submission Requirements
bullet Resubmitting Special Claims Packages
bullet Appealing Denied or Reduced Claims
bullet Required Documentation and Record Keeping

Special Claims For Vacancy Loss During Rent-Up

Special Claims For Vacancy Loss After Rent-Up

Special Claims For Debt Service Vacancy Payments

Special Claims For Unpaid Rent, Tenant Damages, and Other Charges

1) Examples of Normal Wear and Tear

2) Examples of Tenant's Negligence or Abuses

3) The Useful Life Expectancy of Replaceable Items that have  been damaged by the tenant

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HUD Occupancy Training Class Description ($450.00/person):

Our Occupancy Training Course has been updated to include changes from the HUD 4350.3 REV. 1 Change 4
This course is designed for all affordable housing management staff required to use the HUD Handbook 4350.3. It is especially helpful for property/site managers and multifamily property management staff responsible for the leasing and occupancy aspects of the property. This course is ideal for a newly hired manager or those with no HUD experience as well as those needing a refresher course on the basics and the latest updates.

This hands-on course will walk you through the HUD Handbook 4350.3 REV 1, Change 4.  This training will provide explanation of terms and guidance on how to find information using the handbook.

Below is a brief outline of the course:


Prepare for the class by:

  • Have a copy of the current handbook, a calculator and a highlighter on hand.
  • The course takes cummlatively about six hours when taken over a 5 day period which is accomplished by breaking it up into (5) two hour sessions. Be sure to sign up for the class when you feel you can complete it within the five-day period.
  • Once you register, you will receive an "Invite" e-mail confirming the registration and including a unique link for access to the training course.
  • Choose a place where you have access to a computer and a phone for your training.
  • Use a high-speed Internet service.
  • Make sure your computer is connected to a printer so you can download helpful forms and worksheets.
  • Choose an area that is quiet and avoid interruptions.

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Tenant File Management Class Description ($175.00/person):

One of the biggest findings on a Management Occupancy Review is the Tenant Files!  AHTCS, LLC has gone the extra mile to show you how to create the perfect tenant file to avoid those unwanted findings!  In this course you will learn:

bullet The Purpose of Maintaining Required Documentation
bullet The Problems of Maintaining Required Documentation
bullet Required Tenant File Documentation
bullet Applicant Rejection Files
bullet File and Document Retention Procedures
bullet Tenant File Organization - 6 Part File System
bullet Tenant File Checklist from form 9834 Management Review for Multifamily Housing Projects
bullet Certification/Recertification Activities

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Preparing for the Management Occupancy Review (MOR) ($175.00/person):

This session will provide both property managers and service coordinators with insights into the elements of REAC and MOR reviews and what areas are looked at in each review. Participants will gain strategies and tips to avoid negative findings

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Be Prepared for your next REAC Inspections ($205.00/person):

This class will cover a short history of REAC and UPCS (Uniform Physical Condition Standards), property areas covered by UPCS and UPCS scoring system. Including short and long term preparation for inspection, explanation of what to do on inspection day and recent REAC/Industry communications.

This mix of abstract concepts and hands-on instruction serves as a comprehensive course for new front-line staff and as a useful refresher for experienced or supervisory staff.  The training is designed to be useful for inspection and non-inspection staff and covers the basic UPCS requirements, including:

  • Introduction to the REAC Physical Inspection
  • Understanding the REAC Physical Inspection
  • Preparing For a REAC Physical Inspection
  • The Physical Assessment Subsystem
  • Conducting and documenting an inspection
  • Significance of Federal, state, and local housing codes
  • REAC Physical Inspection process
  • Health and Safety Standards
  • Standards for buildings, units, exteriors, and common areas

After taking this class and you have followed these REACS standards you should be able to meet HUD's Public and Multifamily standards of being decent, safe and sanitary, and are in good repair.

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The APPS 2530 Process ($175.00/person):

The Active Partners Performance System (APPS) was developed to automate the submission and review of the HUD Previous Participation Certification Process (Form 2530). This online webinar will provide the basic steps to perform necessary functions within APPS.

The HUD-2530 form initiates the approval process for Industry entities who would participate in a HUD project. The HUD-2530 contains data concerning principal participants in Multifamily Housing projects, including their previous participation with HUD and other housing agencies. An approved Previous Participation Certification is a prerequisite for approval of various applications to do business with HUD. Data originating with the Previous Participation Certification process will support Housing Asset Management, Project Development activities, the Real Estate Assessment Center and Enforcement Center activities.

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4350.3 Rev 1 Change 4 Update Class Description ($175.00/person):

Change 4 to HANDBOOK 4350.3 REV-1 Update Training

Occupancy Requirements of Subsidized Multifamily Housing Programs, was issued on August 19, 2013. The effective date for implementation of Change 4 isAugust 19, 2013.

This class is intended to provide an overview of the clarifications and changes included in this handbook change. A majority of the changes are corrections or clarifications to current handbook normal_text_med. Below are some of the topics to be addressed:

• Updates information on access to and use of the Systematic Alien Verification Entitlements (SAVE) system used for verifying the immigration status of individuals declaring eligible non-citizen status.

• Revises and expands the requirements for a live-in aide.

• Incorporates the requirements from Housing Notice H 03-07 on treatment of deployment of military personnel to active duty.

• Clarifies that the same requirements for treatment of Federal Government pension funds paid directly to an applicant's/tenant's former spouse pursuant to the terms of a court decree of divorce, annulment, or legal separation also applies to Uniformed Services pensions and other state, local government, social security or private pension funds.

• Includes that owners may develop rules covering tenants conducting incidental business in their units and who receive incidental business income.

• Removes the requirement that signatures on the HUD-50059-A for gross rent increases must be obtained before submitting the data to TRACS. A note has been added that tenant signatures for gross rent changes affecting the rent the household must pay or utility reimbursement must be obtained within 60 days from the date the gross rent change is implemented by the owner, as evidenced by the owner's submission of the voucher whereby the owner begins vouchering for assistance based on the new rents.

• Clarifies that when HUD or the Contract Administrator terminates assistance payments when a new certification is not submitted to TRACS within 15 months of the previous year's recertification anniversary date, the owner must repay the assistance collected for the 3-month period from the date the annual recertification should have been effective through the end of the 15th month when assistance was terminated.

• Includes TRACS 202C requirements which includes implementation of the new HUD-50059-A, Owner's Certification of Compliance with HUD's Tenant Eligibility and Rent Procedures - Partial Certification.

Tenant Interviews-Asking the Right Questions ($175.00/person):

This class is designed to focus on the interview process and provides concepts and tools that will aid interviewers in their work. The principles discussed in this class apply to all formal interview settings such as initial eligibility interviews, interim recertifications and annual recertifications.



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