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Our HUD Multifamily Industry Resources

During an average day of property management you may find yourself confronted with an issue and asking yourself  “what am I supposed to do now?”.   We may or may not realize during the heat of the moment that there are resources that are afforded to us within our industry to answer that very question.  There is senior management who should be able to help, maybe a co-worker within the organization who seems much stronger in a certain area…or we may have to look outside ourselves and our organizational structure altogether.  There is always the internet (I love using a browser to research things).  I have spent a lot of time gathering as much information on HUD Forms and Notices, sample HUD letters on our website, check out (AHTCS Industry Links) and there are other alternatives such as the TRACS Discussion forum (TRACS Discussion Forum), the RHIIP Newsletter (MFH-RHIIP-TIPS-Listserv), and of course the HUD industry conferences.  When you need assistance much more quickly you may need to pick up the phone and call your software vendor, your Contract Administrator or Service Bureau, and even your local HUD office for the answer (Local HUD Offices).  Here is the way I see it; It is better to find out the right answer then trying to wing it.  If you are uncertain about a TRACS error or you have a HUD regulatory question, it is better to be proactive and get the right answer.  An owner of a property would be much happier and have more respect for the staff member who says “I really researched this problem and was not sure about my results, what do you think?”.  Rather than the staff member who said “ I wasn’t sure what to do so I didn’t bother with it” .  Or how about when a staff person waits until something blows up and then approaches senior staff and says “Hey can you help me with this?”  And to add insult to injury then says “I never really felt comfortable on this subject matter anyway”.  I truly believe that being proactive makes for a great employee, and when a staff member approaches (before the problems arise) and says for instance “I was running the EIV reports the other day and wished I understood them better,  I could really use some more EIV training”, At that point I know that I found someone on my staff who deserves my respect.  As I always say “It’s better to be proactive, than reactive!”  So to those who are uncertain or have questions about our industry, don’t be shy, use the resources that are mentioned above and show yourself as a truly valued employee.  Heck, I am always available to answer your questions too!

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