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The legal skirmishing of the PBCA selection process has delayed this announcement now for quite some time, however the affordable housing industry has been waiting patiently for this eventual announcement.  So as of June 3, 2013, the status of the PBCA NOFA is this:

“Unless HUD is prohibited from doing so by the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, HUD intends to announce the selection of PBCA’s pursuant to the NOFA on August 1, 2013.”

The management and occupancy review (MOR) requirements under Performance Based Task #1 in Exhibit A, Section 3.1, of the ACC has changed.  MOR’s are required only for projects with an Unsatisfactory, Below Average, and Satisfactory rating assigned to the last review under the Risk Based MOR approach.  No MOR’s will be conducted for projects with an Above Average and Superior rating assigned to the last review during either 12-month period of the ACC Term.  MOR’s are required for all Mark-to-Market projects without regard to the rating assigned to the last review.

  • MOR Ratings for Projects  (Excel) (sorted by state, this list does include Mark-to-Market Projects: Options 1, 2, 3a and 4) Updated June 4, 2012. The following States have been updated: DE, NC, NJ, PA, SC and WV
  • Mark-to-Market Projects (Excel)(sorted by state: Options 3b) Updated June 4, 2012. The following States have been updated: DE, NC, NJ, PA, SC and WV

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