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New TRACS 202D Release & Implementation Schedule

Based on the most recent TRACS industry meeting, we were told about the new schedule for the release of TRACS 202D.  As always this schedule is subject to change but for now the scheduled stands:

Vendor Testing is to commence on: December 1 – This means that the affordable housing software vendors, Contract Administrators and the like will be testing and sending TRACS files to help sort out the bugs.

The plan then is to correct any problems with TRACS 202D and Go live with the Contract Administrators  by March.

The next step is to implement and go live with the Owner/Agents between March 1st – September 1st.

As always there is a transitional period and the drop dead date.  You will have basically 3 months where TRACS will accept both TRACS 202C and TRACS 202D versions.  The total conversion should take place between September 1 for October voucher.  This is where the only files accepted will be for TRACS 202D.

Visit us to find out more, take our TRACS 202D class: