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The Timing of the EIV and You Brochure

JUST A REMINDER:  HUD stipulated in the HUD Notice, H 2011-25 (dated Sept 20) which clarifies obligations for provision of the brochure to current residents and applicants of affordable housing who are selected from the waiting list.  Owner/Agents (O/A) using the EIV system must provide each tenant household with the EIV & You brochure at […]

Sample Affordable Housing Smoke-Free Housing Policy

ABC Apartments, is a designated Smoke-Free Housing Complex in accordance with all local, state and federal laws.  We have amended our Section 8 House Rules to include a new smoke free housing policy for our community.

NO SMOKING POLICY – No Smoking:  Due to the increased risk of fire, increased maintenance costs and the known […]

Performing the HUD Required Annual Recertification Interviews

Since section 8 Owner/Agents are required to complete an annual recertification for each tenant family, it is important to realize that there are key differences between the annual recertification interview and the one performed when they first apply for affordable housing. At the Application interview Owners/Agents gather more data than at annuals (for example, all […]